ACG is a trusted leader in converging communications technologies unifying radio, telephone, data and video. Our unique integrated solutions and services support critical operations for transportation, military, security, medical and emergency services customers. We provide active support for small to enterprise level unified communications infrastructure for government and commercial clients worldwide. At ACG, we build partnerships with our customers by providing excellent service, professional support and the highest quality communications technologies.  ACG is a Motorola Solutions Platimun Level, Elite Specialist, approved for US Federal Markets for Professional Radio and MotoTRBO Solutions.         



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Army Range Point to Point »

For a major Army training range located on the East Coast, ACG created a communications system that allows command to review training exercises in multiple locations, via live video and data, on demand... »

WAVE Interoperability»

Federal law enforcement agencies need the flexibility and power of the WAVE solution for command/control and interoperability of traditional Push to Talk radio, cell/smart phones and even VOIP desk phones.  Our WAVE solution delivers a robust and solution to meet critical comms requirements  »

ACG Dial-Up Networks for Airlines »

Dial-up radio networks may sound antiquated but they are not obsolete. In fact, ACG is the largest provider of dial-up networks for many major airlines. As airlines compete for passengers and combat rising fuel costs, low-cost and efficient communication systems keep the demand for dial-up networks at a steady rate... »