Air to Ground Communications


As airlines rapidly adopt wireless technology and sophisticated hand held devices, air to ground communications must evolve to meet growing demands. At military training facilities, pilots need to transfer flight data to command and control, requiring IP access or a dial-up network. For commercial airports, airline personnel must communicate between the flight crew and dispatch, maintaining an accurate log record of all radio contacts. From basic radio-to-antenna configuration, to a system that can support remote control units connected to a central office, ACG has customized solutions for projects of varying levels. By designing and installing multiple remote control units, airlines can use the same radio infrastructure. Whether your flight operation is a small domestic service at a minor airport or a large operation at a major airport hub, ACG provides effective air-ground-air communications to make your operation run efficiently, safely and smoothly.


CrossBand Application

ACG Systems CrossBand Solution provides your agents with immediate and consistent access to the aircraft VHF calls over Motorola (or more »

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ACG Dial-Up Networks for Airlines

Dial-up radio networks may seem antiquated, but the technology is not obsolete. Today, ACG is the largest provider of dial-up more »

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Air Force: SAIC Project

ACG’s Prime Responsibility While ACG has direct contracts with the government, we pride ourselves in delivering quality service to our more »

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Southwest (formerly Airtran) Acom System

Problem: At the time of this project, AirTran Airways (now Southwest Airlines) was the second largest low-cost air carrier in more »

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