For over 25 years, ACG has provided radio solutions for the carriers, manufacturers and air companies in the commercial aviation industry. With a robust customer portfolio, we have worked with major carriers, including: Southwest, United/Continental, Alaska Airlines and Delta. (Manufacturers Boeing and Airbus)At ACG, we specialize in solutions for air to ground communications, consoles and recording. Further, we weave in radio networks equipped to deliver connectivity back to Airline Operations Centers (AOC’s) via IP and our proprietary dial-up connectivity “black box”. Our partnerships with Icom, Vidicode, Avtec and Motorola have provided our customers with channeled knowledge among the multi-layered aviation communication sector. Our recent partnership with Avtec will allow us to resell and jointly market Avtec Scout™ Internet Protocol radio dispatch consoles and provide support and integration services.


CrossBand Application

ACG Systems CrossBand Solution provides your agents with immediate and consistent access to the aircraft VHF calls over Motorola (or more »

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ACG Dial-Up Networks for Airlines

Dial-up radio networks may seem antiquated, but the technology is not obsolete. Today, ACG is the largest provider of dial-up more »

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Southwest (formerly Airtran) Acom System

Problem: At the time of this project, AirTran Airways (now Southwest Airlines) was the second largest low-cost air carrier in more »

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