Broadly speaking, “Systems Integrations” is the process of linking together computing systems and software applications to act as a coordinated whole. For ACG, SI combines a thorough understanding of our customer requirements and successfully translating those needs into a working solution. Beginning with a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace, ACG configures a suite of products with live test demonstrations. All aspects of performance are tested and documented to ensure quality and assurance. Equipped with a full lab and test equipment, ACG has access to products from nearly every manufacturer in our industry and the facilities to accommodate virtually any configuration.


CrossBand Application

ACG Systems CrossBand Solution provides your agents with immediate and consistent access to the aircraft VHF calls over Motorola (or more »

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Air Force: ILS-M Project

Problem: ACG landed a contract with SAIC for the ILS-M (instrument landing systems modernization). This job required Native IP, an more »

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Federal Civilian Law Enforcement Agency

Solution: Under a subcontract to Sword and Shield, ACG provided comprehensive supply, integration and continuesd support for a secure land more »

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