ACG Systems (ACG) is finishing the first phase to transition a major US Airline from a nationwide 4-wire analog air/ground radio network to an IP based network platform. Over the past year, ACG has provided and installed 120 Jotron IP capable VHF-AM radios, replacing the legacy analog equipment.

The technology platform enables the airlines console switch system to access and vote on multiple incoming radio’s signal strength data, and then choose the best radio on which to transmit back out to the aircraft.

In parallel, ACG Systems has also started Phase 2 of the IP Radio Migration Plan. The second stage will upgrade the major airline’s 53 dial radio sites with an IP radio gateway while integrating the technology with the existing Technisonic analog radios. Similar to the Jotron IP radio, the IP radio gateways provide access for the console switch to transmit and receiver over radio via the customer network.

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ACG Systems provides industry and government with operationally effective, cost efficient, unifying communication solutions. ACG integrates, distributes, and supports leading brands of digital and analog communication equipment in support of major national and regional airlines, federal government agencies, airport authorities and other related industries. Our product line includes radios covering most frequency bands, consoles, switches, digital recorders and radio communications systems–including a number of ACG designed and branded products.

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