Radio & Product Accessories

Functionality and reliability are integral to dispatch communication accessories so you can keep your business teams in motion.

With options designed for both conventional and trunked systems, this portfolio of dispatch and desktop consoles has the features you need to make quick decisions, mobilize a fleet or keep staff informed.


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700/800 MHz Stubby Antenna
This 700/800 (764-870 MHz) single-band stubby antenna for APX portable radios integrates GPS and
HDX Series – Compact Auto-Tuned Masthead HF Dipole Antenna Systems
HDX-200 Horizontal Active Masthead Dipole HF Antenna System with Rx Pre-Amp HDX-6K Horizontal
Flexible Whip Antenna – 806-869 MHz
This is an 800 MHz 1/2 wave, 806-869 MHz, 7 inch whip antenna. Flexible Whip Antennas have a one-pi

Audio Surveillance

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Black Single-Wire Surveillance Kit
This black, receive-only surveillance accessory allows the radio user to privately receive messag
2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Clear Acoustic Tube
Ideal for environments that require Discrete communications, surveillance accessories allow the r
Black IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit
Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. The 3-wire s


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Micom Power Supply
The Micom FPN5590 automatic switching power supply is designed for use with Micom Series HF/SSB radi
IMPRES NiMH 2100 mAh IP67 Battery
The NNTN7037 is a robust, durable 2100mAh NiMH battery.  IMPRES batteries when used with a
1500 mAh Li-Ion Battery
LiIon battery for BPR 40 (Mag One by Motorola) portable. LiIon batteries offer extended duty cycl

Belts, Clips & Loops

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1.75" Leather Belt
This 1.75-inch-wide leather belt, part of the Motorola Original accessory portfolio, accommo
Radio Pack Extension Belt
Extension belt for the lightweight and comfortable Motorola Radio Pack. This belt extends for wai
3" Belt Clip
Spring action 3" belt clip that is used with the Top Display APX portables.


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20-Foot 12-Volt Power Cable to Battery
Cables used to connect your vehicle's battery to a mobile radio.
10′ Installation Cables
Cables used to connect the battery to the radio chassis.
10′ Microphone Extension Cable
Extend the reach of your mobile microphone with this 10-foot extension cable. Compatible with RMN

Carry Accessories

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Universal Chest Pack
The Motorola Original Universal Chest Pack protects the radio and provides the freedom from holdi
Universal Radio Pack Utility Case
The radio pack is lightweight and comfortable. Worn around the waist, it keeps radios and phones
Portable Radio Hanger
This portable radio hanger slides over and hangs from the vehicle door panel allowing convenient,

Carry Cases

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Leather Carry Case with 2.75″ Swivel Belt Loop for Long Batteries
Constructed of top-grain leather designed to withstand the harsh conditions of mission critical use.
High-Activity Leather Carrying Case
This high-activity swivel leather case is designed to fit Model II and III radios with a battery.
Leather Carry Case with 2.75″ Swivel Belt Loop for Short Batteries
Constructed of top-grain leather, which is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of mission cri

Charger Accessories

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APX Insert for XTS Single Unit Charger
This adapter allows users to charge APX batteries in the existing XTS single-unit charger (WPLN41
IMPRES Fleet Management Charger Interface Unit
This single-unit charger interface unit (CIU) attaches to an IMPRES single-unit charger and enabl
APX Battery Insert for XTS Single Unit Charger
This adapter allows users to charge APX 4000 batteries in the existing XTS multi-unit charger (WP


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TSA – Conditioning Charger
ACG's Conditioning Charger is a Multi-Unit Conditioning Charger for a variety of different Batt
IMPRES Vehicular Charger
Rapid-rate, single-unit charging system that allows users to charge batteries on the go in their
IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger
Innovative charging and reconditioning system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance.

Ear Microphone Solutions

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Ear Microphone System
The streamlined Ear Microphone System picks up sound through bone vibrations in the ear canal, givin
TSA – Open Ear Insert Right Medium
ACG's Open Ear Inserts are made of high quality special-grade silicon. You can order right or l
TSA – Clear Acoustic Tube w/ Foam
ACG's Clear Acoustic Tube with Yellow Foam Ear Bud allows you to purchase Part# W900925 and Part


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Comm. Series Earbud with In-Line Mic./PTT/VOX Switch
Mag One earpieces are small, comfortable and enable users to discreetly send and receive message
Earbud with Microphone & Push-to-Talk
This Earbud has a Microphone & PTT Combination
Small Earholder – Black
This compact, lightweight unit picks up sound through bone vibrations in the ear canal. This smal


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TSA – Black Coiled Cord
ACG's Black Coiled Cord has a 2.5mm right angled plug and is a 30inch coiled cord.
IMPRES Telephone Style Handset
Provides a flexible, discreet solution in all mobile applications. These handsets utilize state-o


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Medium Weight Headsets
There is no description for this product.
Motorola Headset
Motorola's Headset comes with a comfort headpiece with mic and PTT in black.
Over-the-Head Style Headset with Boom Microphone
Ultra-light Mag One headsets are optimized for communications intensive environments in which pe


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Low Noise Kit
This low noise kit provides extra comfort for users wearing surveillance accessories. Lightweight
High Noise Kit
This high noise kit provides extra comfort and hearing protection for users wearing surveillance
Mag One Rapid Charger, Li-Ion Battery Bundle Kit
This product contains a Mag One Rapid Charger and a Li-ion Battery Bundle Kit.  It includes

Misc. Accessories

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TSA – Xacore Mic Clip / Back Cover
ACG's Xacore Microphone Clip / Back Cover is a direct replacement for the new style Xacore Whis
Ring Switch for Ear Microphone System
This is a Replacement Remote Push-to-Talk Ring Switch designed for use with EMS.
NTN5792 –	XTS Mission Critical Wireless Adapter
This slim, lightweight adapter attaches to any XTS radio accessory connector and enables connecti

Mobile Microphones

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IMPRES Visor Microphone
Utilizes state-of-the-art IMPRES technology. Automatic gain control provides improved audio and c


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Vehicular Mounting Bracket and Hard-Wire Cable
Charge your batteries and detect faulty ones on the go with this mounting bracket and hard wire c

Remote Speaker Microphones

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TSA – Headset Single Speaker
ACG's Headset Single Speaker is a lightweight single speaker headband headset, hirose with PTT.
UHF Public Safety Microphone with 24" Cord
Public Safety Microphones include straight cord assembly, swivel clip, quick disconnect latch, hi
TSA – Speaker Microphone
Waterproof Speaker Mic with 3.5mm audio jack, Hi/Lo Audio Volume Control. This in the same as the X-


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Adjustable Black Nylon Carrying Strap
This adjustable, black nylon carrying strap, part of the Motorola Original series, attaches
Epaulet Strap with Velcro
This black leather epaulet strap uses velcro to secure the remote speaker microphone to an epaule
Epaulet Strap with Clip
This black leather epaulet strap uses a clip to secure the remote speaker microphone to an epaule

Wireless Bluetooth Accessories

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Bluetooth Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece with 9.5" Cable
This best in class Bluetooth wireless solution is a Mission Critical Wireless earpiece with
Wireless Bluetooth Earbud with 11.5" Cable
This wireless earbud has a simple, discreet design for business users wearing professional attire
Wireless Bluetooth Earbud with 45" Cable
This wireless earbud has a simple, discreet design for business users wearing professional attire